Falcon is looking for interns

The wait is over, the country’s largest research training organization is looking for you to join their team. If you see yourself working with a group of highly motivated and skilled youths driven by the collective dream of making research accessible to all, then this opportunity is tailored for you. Falcon is recruiting their second batch of interns who are supposed to have meaningful contribution in a span of upcoming six months, and as a spinoff, interns get to hone into skills that prepare them to ace in the fields of their respective interests.

Check out the departments, their agenda and eligibility requirements. You may apply to one or multiple departments as well.


20th October , 2022

Why Falcon

Falcon has become not only the best research training organisation of Bangladesh, but rates the highest among all the STEM education company of the world. Falcon is thriving to bring a positive change in research scenario of our nation. If you want to be a part of this revolution, we need you.

Easy access to research mentorship programs

Interns are entitled to receive major fee waivers in all of our research training programs, and get an early access to all resources, supporting documents. This could be your leeway to connect with researchers, students, experts, and enthusiasts around the world.

See yourself among the executives?

Based on your overall performance, contribution, dedication, and clarity of your tasks, at the end of your internship tenure, you have a fair chance of getting promoted to join the executive panel of Falcon.

An amazing peer group

Whether you can make your way to the promotion or not, you are guaranteed to get an opportunity of learning from a highly accomplished peer group. Accomplishments are not limited to winning competitions, but also amazing personalities with whom socializing can bolster your interpersonal skills, communication skills, skills relevant to career success, etc.


At the end of your internship tenure, you will receive a certificate that testifies your contribution to the largest, most accredited youth research training organization in Bangladesh. And it does not end here as the connections that you make here will continue to benefit you no matter how far you go.

How to apply

This internship is going to last for six months and based on the individual’s performance, they might be promoted to join the executive team. Please check the department-specific requirements before applying.

If you are willing to apply to more than one department, please fill out their respective forms again.

General eligibility requirement

To Apply at Falcon

  • Be a high school/undergraduate student (gap year students who are yet to begin college are also eligible to apply)
  • Enthusiastic and highly motivated to learn new skills
  • Is not an HSC-2022 candidate
  • Comfortable with MS Office/Google Workspace apps
  • Is able to dedicate at least 10 hours per week


Browse by departments


Operations Department

The operations department serves as a bridge between all the other departments. They collect reports, analyze, brainstorm, manage, and transform plans into executable actions. This is the brain of the organization that ensures a smooth operation of the whole team.

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Business development department

The business department is all about interacting with sponsors and institutions and convincing them to collaborate with us. It can be summarized as the ideas, initiatives, and activities that help can help make this institution better.

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Content Department

The content department is one of the main cores of Falcon. Contents are what makes a firm appealing to its audience. It is through the consistency of the content department that will provide reasons for the audience to keep following Falcon. If you have an artistic mind and can think out of the box and adorn things in the best possible way, this department is for you!

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Public Relations and Marketing Department

Public Relations and marketing department allows a firm to keep itself informed about the things people like and don’t like. Marketing is what sells products to the public, and public relations is all about being aware of the trend that people are hyping over. If events and campaigns, as well as social media engagements, excite you, this department is for you!

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IT and Design Department

Every content creator needs their design partner. Starting from website development, and graphic designing or tackling tech challenges of offline events, software management, or general technicalities, IT is required everywhere! This is probably the only department that the functionality of every other department depends on and so, any eligible candidate with interest in tech is welcomed.

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